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From Chitosan to ChitosanS

The Chitosan Wiki is the web based knowledge base on chitosans, initiated by the EU funded project Nano3Bio in 2016.

The content of the Chitosan Wiki is initially being created by scientists and young researchers working on the Nano3Bio project. Successively the Chitosan Wiki will be handed over to the broad international community in order to ensure its long term quality.

Introduction on Chitin and Chitosans[edit]

Preparation and Characterisation of Chitosans[edit]

Chitosans in Aqueous Systems[edit]

Chitosan Modifying Enzymes[edit]

Bio-Activities and Bio-Compatibilities of Chitosans[edit]

Life Science Applications of Chitosans[edit]

Material and Food Science Applications of Chitosans[edit]

Chitosan Derivatives and Hybrid Materials[edit]

Chitosan methodology[edit]

Chitin and Chitosan on the Internet[edit]

Chitin/Chitosan Projects[edit]

Chitin/Chitosan Societies[edit]

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